Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp + Multi-ROM


Retold by Jane Cadwallader

Young ELI Readers
CEFR Level: Below A1
Stage 1 100 headwords | Starters | Classic
Theme: Animals
Publication date: Jan 2012
Publisher: ELI s.r.l.

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Aladdin is a poor boy who plays all day long in the streets with his monkey, but something will change his life.
Aladdin loves Bulbul but his love is impossible. She is a princess and he is just a poor boy. But the magic lamp of a bad magician changes everything and helps Aladdin to get what he wants. Well, that’s what he thinks! The bad magician has other ideas!
Friendship | Fantasy | Good and bad | Persistence
In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | An audio recording of the story | A picture dictionary
Vocabulary areas
The home, animals, numbers, fruit, the world around us
Grammar and structures
Present simple, Present continuous, Prepositions of place, Question words, Let’s, Like + v + ing, Adjectives of description and feeling
The Multi-ROM CD that accompanies the Young ELI Readers adds a new, digital dimension to reading in class with an interactive whiteboard (IWB), to reading in the school multimedia centre or to reading at home

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